When the storm hits: is your business prepared?
By Greg Mason

When the storm hits: is your business prepared?<br>By Greg Mason

The late October storm of 2017, which resulted in over 300,000 Granite Staters losing power, had plenty of folks reviewing or revisiting their storm preparedness and disaster recovery plans. But while making sure one has flashlights, adequate water and a battery powered radio are good rules of thumb for homeowners, small business owners can face even greater challenges when the lights go out.

Fake Windows Security Center Warning!

It's New Malware and it's Spreading Fast.

There is a very large surge in malware that presents itself as a Windows security center warning. It comes in through web sites and appears not to be detected by the majority of major Anti-Virus products (yet). We have seen an inundation of these "infections" over the last couple of weeks.